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Top 5 stocks for an investment portfolio in 2022           

Are you looking to invest in the stock market in the short term to get double digit profits from your investment in share market? Then this blog is for you. Capital has selected these five best stocks for a short-term investment in India in 2022. Considering the nifty fluctuations, our technical analysts have selected these five stocks to invest for a short-term investment in 2022.

The top five stocks in 2022 are the stocks of companies that are growing their businesses or enjoying the tailwind in their respective sectors, and will continue to grow and their stock prices will follow suit, and ypu can keep a track of all this on your trading app. Small and medium-sized regions are vulnerable to revisions if news flow and liquidity deteriorate, as stock market valuations are higher than in the past. For further investigation, we have decided to list potential  large to medium sized opportunities.

1. Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd. (HAL)

HAL is a public defender’s office that was established in October 1964. The design, development, production, maintenance, repair, and refurbishment of aeroplanes, helicopters, engines, and other associated systems are HAL’s major activities (aviation electronics, instruments, accessories, etc.). They are also collaborating with ISRO to help with the country’s space programme. The Indian Defense Force, which includes the Navy, Air force and Army of India and Indian Coast Guard, is HAL’s largest customer. The government’s decision to acquire firearms from within the country gives it a boost.

HAL has a share market purchase order of over 79,467 crores, which is around 3.4 times TTM’s revenues. Revenue growth should be close to 1012.GR, and margins should remain stable. This is encouraging news for the company’s future prospects.

2. HCL Technologies Ltd.

HCL is a multi-faceted IT/BPO services firm with a primary focus on transformational outsourcing. In the United States and Europe, HCL is involved in several categories of IT services for small companies. India’s IT services are still relatively cost-effective for global outsourcing. HCL has had long-term commercial development as a result of successful large-scale agreements and acquisitions that have allowed the company to scale up and expand its customer base.

Sales increased by 14 GR in the previous three years, while profit increased by 11 GR. Covid has boosted the need for IT infrastructure for all businesses at the same time. HCL Technologies will gain momentum in terms of revenue growth as a result of this.

3. Larsen & Toubro Ltd.

Founded in 1946, L & T is Asia’s largest  with  strong market positions in segments such as infrastructure, energy, hydrocarbons, heavy industry, defense, electricity and automation, IT, IT & TS, metallurgy and material handling,  machinery and industry. Is one of the vertically integrated EPC conglomerates? Product. L & T undertakes various infrastructure development projects such as roads, subways, electricity and power lines.

According to  L & T’s management, L & T is trying to streamline its business by selling non-core businesses to reduce  its cash flow burden. This could be a major step towards reducing the weight of the balance sheet by eliminating unproductive businesses and focusing on core segments that have their own competitive advantage.

4. HDFC Bank

HDFC Bank is India’s largest private  bank and a subsidiary of HDFC Ltd. Established in 1995, HDFC Bank offers a wide range of banking services including wholesale merchant banking, transaction banking and retail retail banking, with a focus on auto finance, business banking loans, commercial vehicle finance, credit cards and personal loans. .. HDFC Bank has a good year-over-year track record of growing from poor fundamentals over the last decade and limiting the impact of the economic slowdown. Its excellent track record in asset quality comes from fine-grained short-term borrowing in profitable companies.

HDFC Bank plans to reach similar growth rates in the future, with sales above 16.00GR and profit growth of over 17 percent during the previous five years. Due to the sale of FII and decreasing growth, HDFC Bank’s share price has slowed, presenting chances for long-term investors.

5. Power Grid Corporation Of India Ltd.

India’s PowerGrid Corporation was established in 1989 to build high-voltage alternating current (HVAC) and direct current (HVDC) transmission lines. Large power blocks are being moved from central power plants and excess power locations to intra-regional and inter-regional load centres by the corporation. The Department of Energy, Government of India, is in charge of it. We own and manage a countrywide transmission line network, largely consisting of 400 kilovolt transmission lines and an HVDC transmission system, that transmits more than 45 percent of India’s total power output.